Victory Bible Camp

Victory Bible Camp camp rests at the base of the Talkeetna Mountains along the river valley of the Matanuska River. From this retreat 95 miles northeast of Anchorage, the staff of Victory faithfully serve thousands of people yearly from Alaska and beyond. The grounds provide a rich combination of natural beauty, modern conveniences, and activities that help campers and guests gain a fresh focus on the important relationships that are part of their lives.

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Joseph and Allison lopez
Joseph & Allison Lopez Joseph & Allison Lopez serve at Victory Bible Camp near Palmer, AK. Joseph is originally from South Dakota but attended Frontier School of the Bible, where he and Allison met. During his time at Frontier, he fell in love with camp ministry. After serving in many different camp ministry opportunities at Frontier, he went to Victory Bible Camp in the summer of 2020 following his graduation to continue in camp ministry. After volunteering for a year, he joined the staff full-time. He took on the role of director of Alpine Camp, one of the four programs run during the summer there, as well as helping serve guest groups and helping coordinate summer staff application and communication during the fall, winter, and spring seasons. In 2022 Joseph & Allison reconnected and were married in October of that year. Joseph & Allison put their faith in Christ Jesus to save them from their sins at a young age and felt God’s direction through His Word and other factors throughout their lives to get involved in missions and are sponsored by First Baptist Church of Newaygo, Allison’s home church. They are eager to serve in any way necessary to further Victory Bible Camp’s mission of evangelization and discipleship of children, youth, and adults for Jesus Christ, in Alaska, through Christian Camping.