Kingdom Air Corps

Kingdom Air Corps was founded in 1999 by Reverend Dwayne King to train missionary pilots to fly in the most rugged places to bring the gospel to the people there. Airplanes can fly to these places, and the pilot missionary can minister to these isolated people. Missionaries who feel called by God to minister in these remote locations can train and obtain their pilot certificates at the Kingdom Air Corps flight training base in Alaska.

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Schwaiger Family

Levi & Anna Moody

Levi & Anna Moody serve with Kingdom Air Corps near Palmer, AK. Levi is originally from South Dakota but moved to Michigan to study aviation maintenance at the School of Missionary Aviation Technology. While in Michigan, Levi met Anna (Ruiter) from Newaygo, MI, and they were married in August 2019. The Moodys have one daughter, Isla-Rose. Levi & Anna put their faith in Christ Jesus to save them from their sins when they were young. Levi graduated from Frontier School of the Bible in La Grange, WY, and Anna graduated from Ethnos 360 Bible Institute in Jackson, MI. They have felt led by God to be involved with missions for many years and are sponsored by the First Baptist Church of Newaygo, Anna’s home church. They are eager to serve by helping to maintain Kingdom Air Corps’ airplanes, which solely train missionary pilots. Kingdom Air Corps seeks to provide real-life missionary training by going and doing ministry in Alaskan villages and providing Bible Camps for children up in the Arctic Circle—places that are not connected to the road system and are nearly impossible to reach without airplanes.