Faith Baptist Mission

Faith Baptist Mission (FBM) is a ministry of Faith Baptist Church in Winter Haven, Florida.

Faith Baptist Mission seeks to meet the biblical mandate of training, equipping, evaluating and supporting missionaries by assisting churches as an integrated auxiliary/mission society of Faith Baptist Church of Winter Haven, Inc.

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Kathryn Miller - Faith Baptist Mission

Katheryn Miller

After over 30 years of teaching missionary children in Mali, Benin, the Ivory Coast and Niger I am now retired (as of the summer of 2021) from serving the Lord overseas.  While I was in Mali and Benin I was homeschooling the missionary children, where they were living with their parents.  My desire was to help the families with the education of the children and be able to keep the missionary families together.

For the past 12 years I have been teaching at Sahel Academy which is located in Niamey, Niger.  While teaching at the school I had in my classroom children from Missionary, Embassy, ONG and local families all living within Niamey.  During my time of teaching at the school I was able to lead many of my students to the Lord and also was able to see other students growing in the Lord during their elementary years.

Even though I am retired from serving overseas my desire is still to be serving the Lord here at home.  My prayers daily is ‘to be used by the Lord’.  Right now it is helping my Mother and neighbors who are aging.